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Yara Foods is amongst the most recognized and renowned exporters of agricultural produce from Sri Lanka, deriving from a proud heritage spanning across four decades in the industry.

To be the foremost and the preferred manufacturer of premium agricultural products exported from Sri Lanka.


To provide products of superior quality to our customers, superseding committed timelines on production and shipment whilst maintaining transparent business operations. In doing so, believing that we deliver value and trust to both internal and external stakeholders.

We are one of Sri Lanka’s most technologically advanced coconut-based product manufacturers. Accredited by the highest export, food safety and manufacturing certifications in the industry, Yara has become one of the largest exporters of coconut-based products to every continent in the world.


Yara manufactures high-quality UHT coconut milk, coconut water, desiccated coconut, and charcoal in the 3 factories located in Sri Lanka. The Group has extended its product portfolio to derive value from every fibre of the coconut. Our products ensure zero wastage production and zero additives in our products. Yara supplies to large FMCG producers located globally, including Nestle. 

Having owned the world’s first desiccated coconut factory established by the British during their occupation of then Ceylon, and having achieved the BRC AA grade, the Group considers quality as the first priority across factories and products. Yara ensures stringent maintenance of the highest quality standards in the products and services offered, through continuous training and development intensively provided to our staff, aimed at complete satisfaction of our clients’ requirements. 

We have continuously progressed over the years, investing extensively in research and development of coconuts, and extending the same practice to other agricultural products being developed by the Company.

The foresight of our founders have helped us blend tradition with technology to attain the highest accreditation in food safety and manufacturing practices to gear towards elevated export quality products serving nearly 30,000 metric tonnes of coconut-based produce annually to the global market.  

Yara is synonymous with the freshness in taste of high-quality produce. Throughout our journey over the years, the Group has won the respect and gratitude of over 1500 direct and indirect employees and their families, who continue to be the pillars of our success.

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